1.                   This is a 5 round tournament to be played between June and August

2.                   Any member can play in this tournament.

3.                   The deadline for entering into the ladder is 19th May

4.                   Players will be placed in a ladder using the ratings as at 1st January

5.                   Late entries will be allowed but these players will be added to the bottom of the ladder

6.                   The matches will be rated and played to the same time limits as league games

7.                   To be paired players must confirm their availability for each round before a set deadline

8.                   The first round deadline is 11th June with matches scheduled for 19th June

9.                   The tournament director will make the pairings and publish them on the website.

10.                The highest placed player in each match will have the white pieces

11.                The winner of each match will switch places with the loser if he started lower in the table

12.                If the winner of each match will stay in the same position if he started higher in the ladder

13.                No player can move more than 3 places in the ladder

14.                If a match is drawn the players remain in the same position

15.                No player can play the same player twice in consecutive games 

16.                The tournament will be awarded to the highest placed player who has played at least 3 matches