Barry Chess Club 46th AGM 26/06/17


Stephen Bonutto, Tom Cooke, Steve Cunliffe, Ken Curry, Matthew Davies, Ray Denyer, Kevin Gandy, Ken Hannah, David Jones, Phil Jones, Sam Jukes, Dave Mahoney, Dave Parsons, John Rees, martin Ricketts, John Ryles, John Stephenson, Peter Watkins, Sam White, Matthew Wright


The meeting opened with a short silence in memorium of Windsor Lewis



1.    Apologies For Absence 




2.    Minutes of the 2016 AGM

Accepted as a true copy



3.    Matters Arising




4.    Chairmans Report

The most significant event was a match between Nigel Ralphs and Nigel Short.  The moves and a summary have been printed in the chess section of the Daily Telegraph



5.    WCU AGM Report

We did not have any representatives at this meeting.  A report was given at the EGCA AGM that confirmed the WCU had changed its AGM and will be held every February as their year end is 31st December.  There were no significant matters this year.  It was reported however that the WCU had lost its annual grant from the Welsh Assembly.  This was £5,000 per annum and will reduce over a number of years.  This will inevitably effect the WCU fees to us possibly as soon as next year.



6.    EGCA AGM Report 

This was attended by Phil Jones, Martin Ricketts and Peter Watkins.  Phil was reappointed for the 5th year as ExDir and Martin as Treasurer for the second year.  The committee remains largely unchanged.  There were some important rule changes with the nominations being scrapped and the players rated 1900 and above being allowed to play for 2 teams until they have played 24 games and then they can play up to a further 6 games but only for 1 team.  In addition the rule relating to playing unlimited matches saw a reduction in the ratings to be under 1400.



7.     Treasurers Report

The meeting accepted the report as presented by the Treasurer.  There was discussion about the future shortfall in our income over expenditure.  A matter was raised about the Welsh Premier League fees as we seem to be paying the annual fee but there a lot of players selected from outside the Vale area.  It was felt that the PL promoted chess in Barry so we will continue to pay the fees.  



8.    Team Captains Reports & Presentation of Trophies


·      Gambits.   

There were only 9 teams in division 4 so we played only 16 matches finishing in 6th place with 31.5 points.  We won 4 games drawing 1 and losing 11.  14 players were involved with Ken Curry and Ray Denyer playing 14 games each.  Windsor Lewis played 2 games with his final appearance in the club on 21st November before he passed away in January. (Martin Ricketts)

·      Quarks.

We finished in 3rd place to earn promotion due to a failure of the Cardiff Dragons to complete their nominated games.  In a season of 2 halves we managed only 2 wins before Christmas but were undefeated in our final 8 matches.  We won 9 games, drawing 2 and losing 7.  14 players were used with John Stephenson playing 15 games.  Rhys Steele and John Rees had 100% records but only played once. (Martin Ricketts)  

·      Camelots. 

After a slow start we gained momentum and eventually finished in 4th place.  In the end we were closer to promotion than relegation which hadn’t seemed likely at the start.  The mainstay of the team were Stephen Bonutto, Sam Jukes, Tom Cooke and John Stephenson.  Special thanks to Tom and Mark Cooke for transporting the team.  (Stephen Bonutto)

·      Bosons.  

Originally we targeted 7th place hoping to avoid relegation.   We ended in 4th place but well below the top 3.  The team was selected from Matthew Davies, Matthew Parry, Steve Cunliffe, Sam Jukes, Ken Hannah and Dave Parsons.  Of note was the performance of Steve who only lost 1 game and appeared in every match.  Thanks go to Dave Parsons as the team driver.  (Ken Hannah)  

·      Premier league

Nigel was not present to give a report.  The team was strengthened with Tim Kett and Peter Heaven moving to The Vale having left the now defunct East Glamorgan Nomads.  We had hopes of a top 2 spot and qualifying for Europe but after a good start we couldn’t keep it up and finished a disappointing 5th place.  (Ken Hannah)

·      Club Championship

Good competition.  For the first time there were no defaults.  Players confirmed their availability.  With a reduced number of players we played for the Open and Plate sections only.  With only 5 rounds of play both sections were closely fought and were won on tie break – Sam Jukes winning the Open and Summer Cooke Cooke the Plate.  (Phil Jones)

·      Cup Competitions

In the East Glamorgan KO Cup we entered 2 teams.  The B team lost in round 1 to the eventual winner Pontypridd by 3 – 1 losing and drawing 2 matches.  The A team had a convincing 3.5 – 0.5 victory over Pentyrch in round 1.  In the 2nd round we came up against N Cardiff A.  For the second year in a row we drew the match 2 - 2 losing on bottom board elimination.



9.    2017/18 Season

We agreed to keep all 4 league teams.  We would also like to enter 2 teams in the KO Cup.  However there remains a doubt about the viability of the KO Cup as it is now to be held after the league season finishes and each rould of games will be played in a single venue.



10. Election of Officers

·                     Chairman     

·                     Secretary     

·                     Treasurer     

·                     Auditor

·                     Bosons,

·                     Camelots,

·                     Quarks,

·                     Gambits        

·                     Premier League

·                     East Glam KO Cup A & B teams


Ken Hannah

Phil Jones

Martin Ricketts

John Stephenson

Ken Hannah

Stephen Bonutto

Martin Ricketts

Sam White

Nigel Ralphs

Stephen Bonutto

Sam White



11.  To Approve Honoraria


It was decided to retain the captains honoraria at £20 per league team



12.  AOB


A long discussion took place regarding the payment of travelling expenses to team drivers.  It was agreed in principle that the informal arrangement of £2 per player was sufficient although the driver has the option to decline to accept this and the motion to formally put this into our rules was defeated on a casting vote.




The meeting closed at 9p.m.