Barry Chess Club 47th AGM 16/07/18

Stephen Bonutto, Mark Cooke, Martin Ricketts, Ken Hannah, Dave Turner, Dave Mahoney, John Stephenson, Erion Pici, Michael O’Leary, Matthew Davies, Dave Parsons, Sam White, Phil Jones, Kevin Gandy



1.     Apologies For Absence 

Tom Cooke, Ken Curry



2.     Minutes of the 2016 AGM

Accepted as a true copy



3.     Matters Arising




4.     Chairmans Report

It is nice to see some new faces at this years AGM.


Lee Davis is currently playing in Dresden, Germany as part of the Welsh Over 50’s team in the World Seniors.  He is playing on top board and has managed 5 draws from his 8 matches.  An excellent performance when he is outgraded in every game.


Congratulations go to Ken Curry who turned up during the world cup.  Being on his own he sorted out our pieces aided belatedly by Sam White



5.     WCU AGM Report

This meeting took place in February we were nor represented but believe there was an increase in adult fees of £3.



6.     EGCA AGM Report

This meeting takes place next week.  There is a proposal not to increase fees this year as the egca has a surplus.



7.     Treasurers Report

The meeting accepted the report as presented by the treasurer.  There was a small surplus this year due to there being no request for a subscription for the Welsh Premier League. 


A matter was raised for the second consecutive year about the funding for the WPL as there is currently only 1 player from each of the member clubs, Barry and Penarth who have been selected for The Vale team.  However there was no desire at this moment to approach the players to contribute as there was no subscription requested this year.



8.     Team Captains Reports & Presentation of Trophies

Club Champion Dave Parsons

Plate winner Scott Turner (not present)

·       Gambits.  

Team Captain Sam White commented that it hd been an up and down season.  The players merely wished to play without wishing to play at a higher standard.  They all enjoyed themselves though it was noted that in the play offs we won all 3 of our matches convincingly to finish in 7th place


·       Quarks.

Team Captain Martin Ricketts reminded us that the Quarks were only in division 2 due to an administrative error by the Cardiff Dragons in the previous season.  We used 17 different players introducing Michael O’Leary, Jonathan Thomas and Scott Turner to the club.  Peter Watkins played 12 of our 16 games.


The team knew they would be out rated before the season started so it was no surprise to finish 9th with relegation to division 3 where we hope to be more competitive.


·       Camelots. 

Team Captain Stephen Bonutto felt he had been a poor captain and on his current form did not really merit a place in this team.

The team avoided relegation which was the target. Mark Cooke played particularly well.


Thanks to both Mark and Tom Cooke for driving the team to away matches.


·       Bosons. 

Team Captain Ken Hannah stated that the Bosons did well to stay in division 1.  Just like our other teams we were out graded on most boards but some excellent results at the beginning of the season helped significantly to prevent relegation so next year we will have a team in every division.


Special thanks to Dave Parsons for driving the team to away matches and to Matthew Davies for travelling on public transport to Barry for home matches.


·       Premier league

The captain was  not present but it was noted that The Vale won their first 5 matches to become WPL champions.  We have qualified for the European Club Championships but it was unknown whether we would actually enter.


·       Club Championship

There was an appalling lack of communication/consideration by some of the players who entered.  This meant there were too many defaults/byes.  The new club champion and only undefeated player was Dave Parsons.  He drew his final match against Scott Turner (not present) who continued the practice of being a player new to the club who wins the Plate Trophy


·       Cup Competitions

The A team reached the semi finals going out to eventual winners Cardiff A on tie break. For the 3rd consecutive year we have lost on tie break!


The B team recorded a good victory then lost to the other finalist, N Cardiff A with Peter Watkins beating Rob Dineen to give us a modicum of respectability.



9.     2017/18 Season

It was decided to continue with our 4 league teams. We assume The Vale will continue in the premier league.  WE agreed to run 2 KO Cup teams but this was reduced as only 1 player was prepared to act as a cup captain.



11. Election of Officers


·       Chairman               

Ken Hannah

·       Secretary             

Phil Jones

·       Treasurer             

Martin Ricketts

·       Auditor

John Stephenson

·       Bosons

Ken Hannah

·       Camelots

Tom Cooke (not present but Mark Cooke confirmed)

·       Quarks

Sam White

·       Gambits       

Martin Ricketts

·       Premier League

Nigel Ralphs (not present but assume we will enter)

·       East Glam KO Cup team

Sam White



12. To Approve Honoraria

It was decided to retain the captains honoraria at £20 per league team



13. AOB

A lot of discussion as follows:

·       GDPR

We were reminded that as individuals we should only hold personal information we have a right to hold.  The Privacy Notice will be added to the website and all new members will be given a copy.


·       Club Facilities

A suggestion was received to use the back room for new/prospective members when league matches are taking place.  Phil Jones confirmed that we are able to use the room but could not use it with a junior or vulnerable adult unless another adult was present


·       Equipment

It was noted that some of our pieces have faded in colour and do not show us in the best light.  The treasurer was requested to investigate the possibility of purchasing some additional sets. ACTION

·       Summer Programme

It was agreed that the next club championships would take place next summer on a Monday evening


We will hold an internal rated club match on 20th August


We will hold an Open Evening on Monday 6th August between 6.30 & 9.30.  We may a further evening in October if this is successful.  Phil Jones will put some thing in the Gem, Stephen Bonutto will try social media, Dave Mahoney and Ken Hannah all said they would help on the night.  Hopefully others may join in as well. ACTION


There was talk about organizing a Simultaneous night.  Phil will investigate further  ACTION



·       Friendly matches

It was agreed that Mark Cooke could try to arrange matches for a “second string” Vale team to play at the same time and venue as the Premier League if The Vale’s opponents have sufficient resources to play.  ACTION