1. Title

The club shall be called the Barry Chess Club (hereinafter 'the Club'). Its address shall be such place as the committee may decide and shall be recorded in the register.

2. Constitution

The Club shall consist of registered members as defined in article 4.

3. Objects

          The object of the Club shall be:-

1) the promotion and encouragement of the game of chess in the 'Barry area'.

2) the affiliation of the Club with the East Glamorgan Chess Association and, via the EGCA,the Welsh Chess Union.

3) to organise teams and participate in various in chess leagues and cup competitions and endeavour to attain the highest honours possible.

4) to organise such competitions as may from time to time be thought viable and to benefit the club or chess players in general.

4. Membership

1) Applications for membership to the Club shall be made to the Secretary.

2) Subscriptions payable by registered members will be decided at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3) Officers of the Club must be registered members.

4) A player is not deemed to be registered until his subscriptions have been paid.

5. Honorary Members

1) The Club shall have the power to elect as Honorary Member any person whose position among chess players or whose services to the Club or to the interests of the game of chess warrant that distinction.

2) An Honorary Member shall be entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.

6. Officers and Meetings

(i) Annual General Meetings

a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year on a suitable day before the end of July.

b) At least fourteen days prior to the AGM,the Secretary shall make available a copy of the agenda to members.

c) The business of the AGM shall be:-

  • i) minutes of the last AGM and any intervening Special General Meeting.
  • ii) Annual report of the Secretary.
  • c) Annual report of the Treasurer with presentation of accounts for the previous financial year ending 30 June.
  • d) Reports called for by the committee.
  • e) Election of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Team Captains, and any other officers recommended and accepted by the meeting.
  • f) Appointment of an auditor, who shall not otherwise hold an office.
  • g) Any Other Business of which due notice shall have been given.

d) Five shall be a quorum at an AGM.

(ii) Special General Meeting

The secretary shall call a Special General Meeting within twenty-eight days of a receipt of a written petition signed by not less than four registered members.  Fourteen days notice, specifying the object of the meeting, shall be given to the membership.

(iii) Officers

a) A committee comprising President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Team Captains shall manage the club.

b) It shall meet under the chairmanship of the President or Secretary as often as deemed necessary for the efficient conduct of the Club's affairs.

c) The Secretary shall give at least fourteen days notice to committee members.

d) Four shall be a quorum.

(iv) Powers of the Committee

a) The committee shall have the power to fill an office made vacant by resignation or other cause and a person

so appointed shall Serve for the remainder of the term of office.

b) The committee shall have the power to legislate for any eventuality not provided in this constitution, and its decision shall be binding subject to ratification by a General Meeting.

c) Disciplinary Action

i) The Committee shall have the power to inquire into and take disciplinary action in respect of the following offences:-

  • non-payment of subscriptions.
  • illegal activities involving the affairs of the Club.
  • conduct of any member which may bring the Club into disrepute.
  • illegal conduct and/or failure to comply with the laws of chess and/or the rules governing play at any match involving the Club.

ii). At every enquiry the individual shall have the right to be present and to furnish evidence.                                  

iii). The Club may, after enquiry, admonish, suspend, or expel any member whom they consider guilty of each, or any, of the offences listed above.

iv). The member shall have the right to appeal. The appeal must be lodged with the Secretary within twenty-one days of the Club's decision, and such appeal shall state the grounds on which it is made.

d) The committee shall have the power to determine team nomination.

i) In any competition players will normally be nominated in such a manner as to give the Club it's best possible chance of winning the highest honour within that competition.

ii) In deciding team nominations a player's grade shall be accepted as an indication of playing strength.

iii) Teams in higher divisions shall have seniority over teams in lower divisions.

iv) Where two or more teams are entered in a competition, an order of priority based upon expectancy of success shall be decided by the committee if not already apparent and the captains shall have the choice of available players based upon the priority of their team.

v) The committee will look sympathetically upon the appeal of any players who feel that their selection for and consequently their position within a particular team would not allow them to meet opposition of an appropriate standard.

E) Powers of Team Captains

A player's position within any team shall be decided by the captain of that team.

7. Register

The current club address, and details of officers and members of the club shall be recorded in a register which will be updated after the AGM and as necessary throughout the year to record the current position.

8. Alterations to the Constitution

1) No alteration of, or addition to, the Constitution and Rules of the Club except for consequential renumbering, shall be made except at the AGM or a Special General Meeting.

2) The Secretary shall receive in writing by 30 June prior to the AGM the proposed alteration or addition which shall be stated in the notice of business for the meeting and such proposal shall be voted on without amendment theret